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Theodoli Marine Group represents the ultimate benchmark in refind yacht chartering and short term luxury villa rentals for over two decades. Our mission is to fulfill the ultimate dreams of our clients, offering the very best selection of luxury leisure experiences, assited by meticulously selected multilingual crews of marine profesionals.

Exceptional Fleet

52 highly selected cutting edge Yachts and Mega Yachts that serve South Florida, The Bahamas and Cuba, all expressing the apex of marine luxury and technologies.

Our fleet is professionally managed by US Coast Guards Licensed crews that strive to maintain the fleet to the hightest industry standards.

Full Services

Our services range from Private on-board Chefs to catering in concert with the best international luxury food markets.

We can also provide to our most discerning clientele short term hi-end waterfront Villas and Condos that can accomodate some of our yacht in the fleet, thus ensuring the complete private experience.

TMG can also provide a wide selection of helicopters, jets, exotics cars, DJs, Masseuses, Flowers Arrangements, Personal Assistant, Private Security.

100% Quality

We provide umparalled service quality far above & beyond the industry standards, satisfying the most demanding international clientele.

Theodoli Marine Group, with two decades of extensive experience in the local and international markets, assures our clients the best experiences that will ramain forever embedded in their memories.

Theodoli Marine Group
Yacht Brokers and Charter Brokers Licensed & Bonded worldwide.

Florida Yacht Brokers Association

Theodoli Marine Group,LLC, Yacht Broker, Miami Beach, FL

Friendly Yacht Charter tips.

Naturally, a luxury yacht rental is ideal for exquisite intimate getaway, also the ultimate holiday.

If you think booking a yacht for couples, or upscale romance only, think again.
By the time you pay to get a family of four or maybe more, to stay a couple of days and nights on site at one of the primary theme parks, or in an all inclusive resort, you are most likely approaching, and maybe even surpassing the price of a private yacht charter.
That's why luxury charters have become increasingly popular for family holidays.
On the private yacht charter, you have many more attractions than you have on any other family vacation.
Only on a luxury yacht rental you might incorporate a five star experience with the best water activities, other than what was offered onboard, and maybe a celebrity chef or SPA services.
Nonetheless, there are a few things to keep in mind if you would like to take your children on a private yacht holiday.

Choose The Yacht Correctly
While a yacht holiday may be ideal for a family holiday, not every yachts is perfect for all families. Choose your luxury charter boat wisely, ensure it's family friendly, and that she has the right cabin layout to cater to all comfortably.

Get the Children totally Involved
Before reserving your charter route, get a|l the children involved. Take a look together at the boats available, and choose together the location.

Choose The Destination
Speak to your charter broker about child friendly locations.

Part of searching for a family friendly yacht charter is making certain that the yacht you select has state-of the art audio visual equipment which ensures maximum fun and connectivity to the outside world. And also the most recent water toys that kids would love to play with, like sea-bobs, jet skis or water slides.

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